thursday thoughtsRight about now the looks start to appear. You know the looks. The ones that say what the heck is Andy talking about again. However, there is a question we must address for your business. It is a question that goes at the heart of this weeks’ Thursday Thought. Something that will transform how you interact with your clients.

What do you do that is Taboo in your industry that separates your business and makes your clients trust you?

You have been told that clients have to know, like, and trust you. Well, how can they trust you when you do and say the same things everyone else has done. It is the courage to do something a bit differently that makes you stand out.

The taboo is doing something everyone else in your industry avoids, because that is just not the way we do it in this industry. For example, Flat Fee listings in Real Estate. Or the Freemium model for internet marketing. Both were revolutionary ideas when they first came out. Both were completely contradictory to what most businesses believed was necessary to succeed.

That is exactly why I believe you must do something taboo with your business? It does not have to be something large, but it needs to be memorable! Something that just says, no one else would do it. However, when you did it your business just clicked! The clients loved it, you got more referrals, and life is good!

That is how you turn the taboo into trusted clients. You think about what no one else will do and just do it for your clients. It is the foundation of any great marketing effort, and an amazing way to build trust.

What are your thoughts on turning the taboo into trusting clients?