thursday thoughtsAs I was thinking about Thursday then I realized that I had to complete my podcast for today about how we can use social media more effectively. I was sitting there for a long time pondering my thoughts, and suddenly realized that I needed to share with everyone my strong beliefs on Social Networking Joint Ventures

While this might not be as popular as how to snag up 247 leads in 2.6 seconds, or how to close infinity plus one clients without moving your finger off the legendary automaton switch. Social Networking Join Ventures is a vital part of your social networking strategy. It was something that became all the more apparent to me when I connected with someone on LinkedIn recently. The more I look at what I do on social networking sites the more I understand that I connect with a lot of great joint venture partners there. Sometimes I the connections become profitable immediately. Other times, they just lead to more great partners.

In either case, it is something that I believe is over-looked in our pursuit of the almighty dollar. So, take a second to listen in to the podcast about how social networking joint ventures happen and let me know your thoughts on the topic. I want to know what you are thinking!

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