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thursday thoughtsThe power of social media change can hit us all every once in a while. We get hit with a new Google update, such as shelving Google Places and replacing it with Google+ Local or the Facebook timeline earlier this year. Social media change sort of sneaks up on us and takes our breath away. Removing all the goodness we created from the previous system and leaving the anxiety of learning a new system in it’s wake.

The reality is that you do not have to go through social media change alone.  Let AndyNathan.net be your support group! as cheesy as this will sound: “we are there for you!” Now, enough with the Dr. Phil, let’s actually focus on how to effectively deal with social media change in your business.

1. To deal with change you have to know what it is. Basically, to know your fear is to conquer it. Change deals with some of our deepest and darkest fears. “Google abandoned Places. Now how am I going to make money?” “Facebook just changed their timeline, how will I talk with my friends? Am I all alone again?” Instead of questions, this is the one time you want definite answers in your life.

2. How to smoothly integrate with social media change. Twitter sued a lot of automated software makers recently who were teaching Twitter automation. While some people got scared off by these changes, I met some people who saw this as an opportunity to shift gears after years of their income resting solely on Twitter automation. They could create products or delve into other areas of internet marketing. It is all about having direction, having a plan.

3. Take action on a consistent basis. You know what your fear and then you plan…and then plan some more just to be safe. That is great for city planners, but gets you nowhere in business. The only way to truly overcome the social media change is to work the plan regularly! After that, it is all gravy!

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the take we had on social media change in our podcast of the week.


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