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I am not sure how I got started on this recent to learn different ways to earn money online. Perhaps it was the recent “Hole Sale” or too much time on Warrior Forum that has got me interested in the ways to earn money online quickly.

Whatever the case, I thought I would share these methods with you. Now, some of the ways to earn money online use social media and search engine optimization. Others are completely different tactics. Just thought I would shed a little light into the internet marketing spectrum.

Oh, before I begin I need to clarify something. While these are fast ways to earn money online do not expect them to be instantaneous large sums of cash.

Three Fast Ways To Earn Money Online

  • Fiverr.com-This site is really just cool! I almost say that I use it for bartering purposes, but that is not 100% accurate. Whatever the case, as the site says everything can be bought on the site for 5 bucks. Now, there are some similar sites to this, such as tenbux.com and others. However, this is the only one that I have managed to actually make money with. What would I do for $5 bucks.  Glad you asked! I Tweet for people on my Twitter account. You provide the tweet and I will retweet it. Have gotten about 3-4 tweets this way. People provide the content. It will not make me rich, however, it is great trading fodder for SEO and other services that I can use on a regular basis.
  • Affiliate marketing is kind of nice when you get that check in the mail. A little challenging with all of the different options out there, but the great thing is that you do not have to create a product or service the client. All you need to do is direct people to a link and get paid for it. Some of my favorite affiliate networks (which not so coincidentally pay me for referrals) are Peerfly, ShareASale, or Clickbank(vendors)
  • Promote a service. Write articles, mow the lawn for someone, set up wordpress for a client. The fact is that people need help with services all day long. That is why I created Smart At The Start. It is not just about telling you what is going on in social networking, it is about helping you succeed in social networking. You will be amazed by what you know that others would love to not have to do on a regular basis. It does not mean they do not understand what you are doing. It just means they have no desire to do what you do on a regular basis.

So, you now have three fast ways to earn money online. My next recommendation is to not get eyes bigger than your head. Choose one of the three and stick with it. I could easily have told you ten other ideas, but it would be overload. Use one of these ways to earn money online and just focus on it until you make money.