I thought I would take some time today to talk about three cool wordpress plugins that make you say, “Oh Yeah!”  The magnitude of these three cool wordpress plugins is beyond belief. Where is it? Beyond belief!

So, with further ado, I think we should start talking about them.

Three Cool WordPress Plugins

1. Tweet Old Post is a really cool WordPress plugin that lets you automatically tweet out old blog posts. I have used the similar Old Post Promoter as well in the past, but use Tweet Old Post on this blog.

What exactly does Tweet Old Post do? It take blog posts that I choose based upon category and other specific requirements, such as the age of the post and continuously posts tweets on Twitter every X number of hours. This tool lights up my Twitter account with posts that are relevant to my business automatically and drive traffic to my blog. How I do know? Well, I wrote the posts of course.

Update: 9-18-12 I have not used Tweet Old Post, since I started using Social Traffic Plugin in November of 2011. It is an amazing tool that puts Tweet Old Post to shame.

2. Aweber WebForm Plugin- For those of you who use or want to use Aweber this plugin makes life nice. For example, if you change your web form from time to time you can use the plugin and just click a scroll down menu to go back and forth between the different web forms.

It really integrates Aweber and WordPress to make my life easier. Please note that out of the three cool WordPress plugins listed today this is the only one without a free version. Also, I am an affiliate of Aweber, but use their product almost exclusively for my email marketing needs.

3. Onlywire Plugin For WordPress- For those of you who do not know about Onlywire check out my post last year on this cool content aggregator. Onlywire For WordPress automates your content aggregation. Essentially the 40 or social networking sites that you can distribute a blog post to by clicking on Onlywire are automatically distributed every time you create a new blog.

That means for a blogger who maybe blogs every day, or even a few times a month you get additional coverage for your blog posts without having to put in any additional work. Talk about cool!

See I Told You There Would Be Three Cool WordPress Plugins

Now, you have some cool things to look at for WordPress today. Take some time and start to learn how these three cool wordpress plugins can really change your internet marketing.

All three of these plugins help my business immensely with promoting what I do and increasing my traffic and conversions. They can make your life easier and make you money. What a combo!

Let me know below what you thought of these three cool wordpress plugins?