Big news coming out of Facebook yesterday about the updated Facebook profile page! The updated Facebook profile pages are up and running right before Mark Zuckerberg’s interview on 60 Minutes. For those who have not upgraded to the updated Facebook profile click on the Facebook announcement and you can update your profile now. The updated Facebook profile page has a number of new features, but still retains a lot of what the previous profile had. It looks like an attempt by Facebook to make their profile page user-friendly.

Facebook Announcement

The Updated Facebook Profile Page Details

Here are some of the biggest changes that I can see Facebook has done with their new profile:

  • They have created a summary of your profile at the top of the page. This is a convenient way to get an overview of the person you want to connect with, and find out a little information. I think this might be the coolest thing they added, just because of the simplicity of this summary.
  • Facebook also took time to make the site more visually compelling. This is probably an effort to make sure that they one-upped Twitter, but they are looking to keep the lead in picture sharing. That is part of the reason for Facebook’s huge growth. Millions of grandmothers going to Facebook to see the pictures of their grandchildren. It had to be done to keep this core group with them.
  • They have also made your friends more visually appealing by not only listing them, but highlighting 10 friends with pictures so you can easily check out there profile. Additionally, if you have your family highlighted or any other group they are laid out as a separate group of people that you can view their profile immediately as well.
  • You can also add new interests for you to show to your friends, including sports and philosophy.
  • Finally, for those who have a lot of long-term projects at work you can include them in your Facebook employment section.
The Updated Facebook Profile Page

Check where the red dots are above to see some of the changes in the Updated Facebook Profile Page

Overall, the updated Facebook profile page has a number of updates that seem practical. This is not a revolutionary step to a better social networking experience. Instead, the Facebook profile page is an evolutionary step, which I hope is just the first of many.