Do you ever have dreams about the best Firefox extensions?

I realized something as I was drifting off to sleep last night. I rarely, if ever, talk about the best Firefox extensions for your business. Aside from the question, “Andy, that is what you think about when you go to sleep at night” conversation that will inevitably come from this sorted topic, there is tremendous value in discussing the best Firefox extensions.

That also, brings up another point. Which browser do you use? I prefer Firefox. It all started back in 2007 when my internet explorer stopped working on a dell laptop that I had at the time.  Firefox works a lot smoother than internet explorer, plus it has a lot of other cool features that chrome and explorer do not.

That brings us back to the best Firefox extensions for your business. There are some really cool things that you can do with Firefox extensions.

Ten Best Firefox Extensions

  1. Speed Dial- This is great for business people who go to the same site repeatedly.
  2. Grease Monkey- A Firefox extension within a Firefox extension. Grease Monkey is useful for techy’s who create javascripts for web related issues that do not work as well as they want. For example, I was looking to use this for Facebook Add All Friends. It did not work, but there are people I know who use this regularly.
  3. Rank Checker is great if you want to see where you rank for specific keywords. You can also check out your competitors as well.
  4. Toolbar Browser By Trellian. There are a lot of different toolbars out there. I like this one, because whenever I pull up a site it shows me the sites Alexa, Compete, PageRank, and SEMRush Rank for the site. When I go to a site that talks about SEO and they have an Alexa ranking of 9,543,487 and PR 1 I know to move on.
  5. Skype Extension-For those looking to contact people on Skype from your browser.
  6. Evernote Web Clipper- Love to store notes and ideas on Evernote. This Firefox extension makes it easy for you to do from any website.
  7. LastPass Password- This provides you with a password manager that you can operate on your browser, but is stored on your hard drive for extra security
  8. eCash URL Shortener- This is one that I have not used yet, but looks like something definitely worth trying. It is a shortener for your affiliate links, so you can make money on short URL codes. Sounds useful on Twitter.
  9. Firebug is great for the web developers. Whenever you search a site, you can see the HTML, CSS, and Javascript for each site.
  10. Google Toolbar-This should be self-explanatory, but if you want to have the largest search engine in the world available right away then take advantage of it.

Now that you are an expert at using the best Firefox extensions, please let us know which ones are most useful to you? Additionally, what do you think are the best Firefox extensions?

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