Depending on how quick you are to pick on a retail cue, the chances of you stumbling upon a new business idea in the process of going about your main line of business can be potentially beneficial. A stumbled upon idea in business happens when you observe a viable pattern of consumer behavior related to a certain product or service you offer. That when taken out of its original context, keeps its viability intact despite being divorced from its original product equation.

Take a well-known restaurant offering grilled barbecued ribs, for example. You might find it so successful owing to its signature dish, in this case, the barbecued ribs. Patrons flock to the joint to enjoy its luscious goodness and the good times associated with dining in it. This is the main line of business. Whoever it is who came up with the great barbecued ribs recipe did a real good job of it. Word of mouth goes around fast and the joint fills to the rafters with diners day in and day out having their fill of the house’s specialty.

Consumer provocation

There is more, however, to the barbecued ribs recipe — the sauce. Not only does it enhance the taste of whatever grilled meat you lather it with, it is also another great concoction made up by the same guy who invented the barbecued rib recipe. Along the way of the barbecued rib’s success, people also found the sauce that goes with it equally good. In fact, it’s been made in such a way that the marinade that went into the making of the barbecued rib was meant to complement all the flavors of the spices that went into the making of the sauce’s recipe. Its creator thought it up that way believing it was the best way to come up with a barbecued rib configuration so inimitably good. So good that naturally, its maker often gets to be asked by patrons: “Where do you get this stuff and can we buy some?”

The light bulb moment

Business owners can sometimes encounter such unexpected business ideas “suggested” by customers in the course of their constant rapport. Such occurrences occasion light bulb moments for those running companies always on the lookout for potentially viable new product ideas. In the case of the barbecued rib sauce, its creator can consider turning one vital element of the barbecued rib configuration into a stand-alone product. It has, after all, proven itself to be an essential ingredient in the main line of business’ success as restaurant grilled food fare.

You can further take the viability quotient of this sauce into a much bigger equation outside of the restaurant fare configuration it currently sits in. What if this sauce is manufactured in larger quantities, bottled, packaged and marketed separately as a supermarket food item? Something to go with perhaps other food aside from its barbecued rib combo. If you can market it as something like ketchup or steak sauce, then probably it would be just as viable.

The big leap

Some stumbled upon business ideas can be turned into new business models, products or services by virtue of its being independently viable. The barbecued rib sauce starts out as a complementary feature to a restaurant’s signature dish. When mass-produced and sold as supermarket or grocery retail item, it increases its viability a thousand-fold. Imagine such product being packaged for mass consumption and with perhaps even a RingCentral toll free number. The big leap it makes from one food industry sector into another much bigger as a stand-alone commodity bearing its maker’s brand is a beneficial one. It definitely provides more leverage for its creator in terms of the possibility of expanding into other similar lines of products to follow in the path of the barbecued rib sauce.

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