Blogging is talking to yourself with an audience. It is the power of expressing your innermost thoughts, ideas, and passions to people on a regular basis. That is blogging.

You want to express your business to the world. You want people to know your most innermost thoughts about how your business can help people. You are busting with excitement over the latest and greatest in your field of interest.

To me as an always growing professional, blogging has done more to clarify my business and explain how social networking works than any other tool I have ever used. I have the ability now to journal to myself in front of an audience that will appreciate how I can help them as each new article is a demonstration of a mastered skill.

That in and of itself is the power of blogging. You help people with your knowledge as you solidify your own knowledge. Do you have a lot of knowledge about one topic? You would be surprised to find out how many people actually crave, like go starving 40 years in the desert, to seek that knowledge.

And when you provide that knowledge to the world, you change your own. Every time someone appreciates my blog, I gain a brand advocate. That means I not only spread the word about my business through my blog, but also my new fan’s social network.

Every article, video, and podcast has the power to take your business to the next level. That is why the more you blog the greater the benefits of your blog. It rewards those who consistently provide quality information over a long period of time.

In a society that has attention deficit orders and 5 second attention spans, a blog remains a unique curiosity of a world where people could share their ideas in full day in and out.

That is why for a blogger who wants to turn that blog into a business, understanding your own inner blog is so important. You must know what your beliefs and ideas are before sharing them with the world. Blogging can be one of the greatest marketing endeavors you will ever take, as long you know what your inner blogger is capable of doing.