Webinars are becoming more and more powerful tools to bring people together in social networking. In fact, I believe without voice and video tools, such as webinars social networking would not be nearly as dynamic today as it could be.

Couple that with the fact that webinars are such an amazing way to cultivate your business by building and develop relationships. Imagine being able to connect with prospects and clients all over the world and provide them with something useful. That is the power of webinars.

Why would I make such bold, sweeping declarations?

Because, webinars offer the ability to interact with people over huge distances and location. In essence, I could have a webinar in Chicago with attendees from Ireland, Boise, New York, Australia, and other locations right from my home or office and still have the feel of being in the same room with everyone on the call.

Additionally, the great thing about a webinar is that you not only have the text chats to communicat that most social networks use a their primary source of communication, but also the audio and video to go along with the written. You can share your screen, a movie, or other digital media easily on webinar. Is like an old town hall meeting, except all online.

That is why in the past when I have wanted to bring together my social network I use webinars and continue to create webinars today.

Additionally, you can use webinars as an online revenue stream. Sometimes free webinars are okay for list building. I have done those before myself. However, you can also charge people for your information as long as you provide your audience with enough punch so they leave excited about the information you are sharing.

In fact, I want to put my mouth where my money is, and offer a new webinar on blogging this Friday, 10/14/11 at noon. I will call it My Greatest Secret of Blogging, Semi Hush-Hush webinar.

So, here is how I plan on making blogging come to life through the webinar I will be hosting this Friday.

First, I will use a screen share as I show you how I’ve been able to set up my blog and post over 500 blog posts.                           Additionally, how I have been able to create relationships through my blog and reach 7,422 readers every month.

Second, I will use the video of how I find different keywords    to drive additional traffic.

Third, I will also have a question-and-answer session after the webinar to make sure that all your questions on blogging are answered.

However, if that is not enough I also want to add extra value in here.

So, for all the VIP’s who sign up I am going to give a review copy of my new product $.28 articles. In this video tutorial, I talk about how to outsource cheaply and effectively articles that can help boost your Internet marketing efforts. ($17  Value)

Additionally, all VIP’s will also receive an advance copy of my new WordPress video tutorial as well! This is the no hold bars start to finish tutorial that is like having me standing next to you as start your blog. ($47  Value)

For more information on what I am talking about with VIP’s and The Ultimate Secret To Blogging Semi Hush-Hush Webinar.

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