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I thought today would be a great day to discuss the power of audio. After all, I am hosting my first BlogTalkRadio show tonight at 5:30 PM CST. A corollary discussion about what makes audio so powerful just seemed like the right topic for today’s blog post.

3 Powers of Audio

Power of AudioFirst, videos are great, but they really do not work in the car. Imagine driving down the car with the video in front of you as a cute little squirrel comes hopping and bopping out on the street. Not pretty!  That is why radio &  cars have gone hand in hand with each other through the years.

As someone who has done a lot of traveling for business in the past, I know how crucial it is to have something  valuable to listen to in the car. Otherwise, you could get stuck with a Justin Bieber marathon or worse it could be a complete interview of all the Jersey Shore cast. While those may seem like extreme circumstances, the fact is that having something quality in the car to listen to is not always available.

Which goes to the idea of what works for your clients. I am always talking about adding value to your clients experience. I guess I just needed to put my money where my mouth was/is and provide something extra for clients to learn more about the mystical internet marketing art.

Second, everyone does it. I am sure if my mom reads this if she would ask me if everyone jumped off a cliff, would I do it too? A clearer way of stating this would be to say that by the end of 2010 nearly 47% of all adults had some type of MP3 player. Sorry, there are not recent statistics that I could find on the matter.

Assuming that number has increased a bit by then by all likelihood at least 50% of all adults have an MP3 player ready and waiting to fill up with quality information. That is something I can not ignore for my audience. It is a number that is large enough to get every marketer thinking about how to connect with their audience.

Third, the internet is about content marketing. Content marketing is not just articles and videos. It can also include podcasts, radio, pictures, webinars, ebooks, presentations, and infographics to name some of the main ways of distributing content through the internet.

Diversifying the type of content can hit your target market in different ways that matter to your clients. If there are visual prospects out there, like myself, they will prefer infographics, photos, video, and written text. However, for audible prospects who are yearning to hear my voice (despite the disturbing implications of this sentence) my message might be better understood through podcasts, audio books, and internet radio.

Power of Audio Tonight

With these three powerful factors I decided to create the Market Lately Show: Your Marketing Nightcap. Here are the details for the show tonight:

Show: Market Lately: Your Marketing NightCap

When: Mondays at 5:30 PM CST starting February 6th

Where: Market Lately Show

Who: The guest is Lisa M. Blacker, President of Connection Victory, Inc. She will be discussing integrated marketing for your business. Combining the offline and online marketing.

Questions: Do you have questions you want us to answer? Then fan “Market Lately” on our Facebook page. We will answer the top questions of the week from the Facebook page on the show.

Looking forward to showing you the power of audio tonight!