Feels like every time I talk about the new Facebook profile, Facebook decides to create a new one! They are making changes left and right these days, such as the Facebook subscribe button and the new Facebook newsfeed. So, welcome one of the biggest changes yet. The new Facebook profile with the timeline and open graph.

While the open graph is not starting right away, the Facebook profile with the new timeline is available for developers. As one of the most non-technical social media experts online I decided to become a Facebook developer, so I could get in and join the club.

So, here we go!

New Facebook Profile

New Facebook profile

New Facebook Profile

Essentially Facebook took the current newsfeed and put into a timeline of your life. They took all the important events in your life, so it could be curated in one story. That is one of the most interesting views I have ever seen in a social network. Think about your entire life available for people to view and understand as you go through it.

The other part of this is that they have updated the newsfeed to include a sidebar that is continuously moving with little tidbits of information that you would probably not even notice if not for the this new toy on Facebook.

Additionally, you get to have a custom header for your Facebook page. It is like you can create a blog header on the top of Facebook now. This just really rocks!

More on the new Facebook profile to come!