First of all, I understand that the optin email lists is not exactly how to say spell the word optin. However, I like to be a little bit different than everyone else by saying the phrase optin email lists, because the fact is you have to be a little bit different and interesting to attract people to your optin email lists.

Oh, wait Andy, are you proving a point about these optin email lists? Why yes I am! Thanks for asking!

I already spoke Saturday on how to integrate an Aweber account into WordPress, so today let’s focus on why it is important to actually have optin email lists.

Optin Email Lists Equation

The first part of the equation behind optin email lists is that you create something of value that is unique to your subscribers. That way they will be encouraged to go out and subscribe to your optin email lists, because you can help them.

Which leads to the second part of the equation: E=MC2. Oh, wait! My bad, I meant I WIIFM. What’s in it for me? The traditional call of the consumer, since the first markets opened their doors. The fact is that trade means trading one thing of value for another. In this case, it is an email address for xyz freebie.

You just need to make sure that the xyz freebie is what your target market wants. That way you will have the ability to build your optin email lists even faster. That means you definitely want more than one list. Each target market you have should have it’s own list. You might have one master list for ease and convenience, however, the differentiation between your lists will give you the power to more effectively help your target markets.

The Importance Of Optin Email Lists

Finally, the importance of good optin email lists is found in the conversion rate. Let’s face facts and admit that 95% or more of the people who will visit most websites will never return. If there is a way to capture the attention of just 5% more of the people who come to your site, so that they can receive quality information from you on a regular basis, that means within 1 year you have the potential to have a 50% increase in quality traffic to your site.

To explain that in a little more depth. Take this scenario. Your site gets 50 people per day. Out of which about 10 are regular visitors. 20 come from search traffic and another 20 from social media.

If you are able to convert 2 people everyday from the search and social media to your list then at the end of one month you will have 60 new people to your list. At the end of 1 year that will be 720 people to your list.

If only 10% of that traffic visits your site once a week, then you now have increased your traffic from 600 visitors per month to a little under 900 visits per month. Factor in the increased comments, which will help your search traffic along with the additional shares, retweets, diggs, and stumbles to give you a full blown explosion in traffic and business.

That is a nutshell is the importance of using optin email lists for your website or blog. Without including these optin email lists in your marketing plan you are literally leaving money on the table.