I recently posted about how Facebook ads were taking over my Facebook profile. It was an obnoxious amount of Facebook ads.

I want to thank some of the people who commented on the post that it might not be Facebook causing this fracas. So, I investigated.

It turns out that Facebook was not the one who was placing ads all over the site. Instead, it was from Yoontoo.

A little background to discuss this briefly. I will discuss this in detail sometime shortly. Facebook removed the check-box to add people by lists to events and fan pages.

For most people that is not a major deal, but the fact is that when you have 4500 friends you have to individually click through all of your appropriate contacts in order to add people to a list. When I am doing weekly webinars this is just not feasible on a regular basis.

So, I started researching for different options to add all my friends to an event or page. It is not ideal, but the fact is that I needed to do something.

I installed a few different programs until I finally found one that works.

Unfortunately, Yoontoo is not even one of the companies that I seriously considered for this application. However, I did not even decide to go with this application.

That would be great, but I never uninstalled this application, which I so quickly discarded. I did not even realize it was the cause of all my Facebook problems until I uninstalled it.

I apologize for the inaccuracies in the post. The fact is that I still stand by the majority of the article. Facebook never should have removed that application, causing me to write this.