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Digital media is undoubtedly becoming the dominant aspect of the marketing industry, as well as most other industries. Recent years have seen an online revolution which has affected the way that companies all around the world do business. To dispute this is to feign ignorance to the way in which the world is changing. Whilst it may seem obvious to infer from this that print marketing is a dying art, this is not necessarily the case.

It is true that digital marketing is growing at a fast pace. Indeed, some companies are moving entirely to digital marketing, but this does little to prove the point that print marketing is dead. Instead, this actually improves the effectiveness of print marketing, leaving those businesses still involved with something of a monopoly. As long as a marketing tool remains effective, it is never dead – this is true independently of the success of other platforms.

Is print marketing more effective?

In a survey, Modern Distribution Management (MDM) found over 65% of companies asked found print distribution to be an effective means of marketing. Even if only for a reason as simple as the fact that some customers don’t even use the internet. The lesson for businesses is not to cut these customers out – rest assured, others will.

Rather than burning out, print marketing is evolving to stay in the game. Content marketing is the latest common strategy and involves building a relationship with the consumer which is not built directly upon sales. It is a process of communication which builds trust based on the relaying of information. Picked up on by a number of highly successful outfits, it is used by companies such as Microsoft and P&G to great effect.

What about advertising?

Advertising has been around for a long time and it is no longer as simple a business as it once was. Consumers now have a vast number of methods by which they can avoid and ignore advertising. Content marketing is aimed at bridging this gap created within the marketing industry by addressing the problems between businesses and consumers that have given advertising a bad name in the past. Content marketing may well be considered an attempt at a more personal form of capitalism.

However, there is a gap which has been left in the industry of marketing as businesses have made carelessly significant shifts towards digital media. Distribution of a new type of marketing, making use of those good old Canon ink cartridges is an effective way of capitalizing on the niche. Phoenix Direct can help you equip your business with the necessary means to get all your materials produced to the relevant quality – whether these be for print marketing or digital advertising.

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