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Did you realize that social networking has been around for years? I mean like decades, centuries, millenia type years. Think about how amazing it is that social networking existed before computers. Social networking existed before there was electricity. Social networking was around before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Social social networking drawingnetworking existed when people dwelt in their caves and drew on walls.

Oh wait, we got a little distracted there. You wanted to know about the coolest thing in social networking. Probably not as interested (maybe, eh?) in cave art, Columbus, and electricity, right? What does this have to do with social networking?

Well, it all points to one gigantic, oh so enormous idea that can not be missed. Social networking has nothing to do with technology, online platforms, or the dance we do with new age marketing strategies.

Instead, social networking is about connecting with people. Yes, people! You know those disgustingly handsome creatures who made the recent evolutionary leap to walk upright and think for themselves. Do not believe me; then check out the First Social Network.

Without our ability to communicate with each other we are no better than a plant sitting pretty in the forest waiting for sunlight to encompass it’s world. As humans we go out and interact in our social environment in order to learn and grow from each other. Therefore, it is not a remarkable leap to state that social networking is just one more step in our growth of communicating with each other. Making a further leap, I would say those who use this communication for business do so social networking cave drawingunder the auspices that social networking is not the great adventure, but the ship helping you get there.

Social Networking Coolness For Business

How can we then interact with customers and still understand that social networking is a place to interact with people? Well, I have a few guidelines that I believe can be helpful for just this challenge.

  1. Respect Others. Do not be rude to other people. There are million and one ways to be respectful, but in this case try not to be rude.
  2. Do not please everyone. I know on any given day that I please a few people and dis-please others. It could have been a post on Facebook, a blog post, or who cares what. The point is that I also know there are people who love those same actions. Do you best and forget the rest.
  3. Sit in the minds of your clients. Do not literally sit on them, but actually think about what they want to hear. What they need to know. Most of the people I work with are afraid of social networking, because of technology. What was my first sentence to this blog post again?
  4. Have Fun! When you enjoy yourself it shows. I am smiling as I write this, and giggling on the inside.
  5. Tell people something useful. Useless information is So Yesterday!
  6. Trust your gut! I have become a lot better judge at listening to my gut over the years. Sometimes, it annoys the crap out of the people I work with, but I know what is right and act based on those feelings much more now in my thirties than I ever did in my twenties.
  7. Tell it like it is. While there is never a need to be rude (See #1), there is always a place for honesty. As much as possible tell people what they need to hear. It sometimes might annoy or offend them, but most will appreciate it. Besides, if they want a sycophantic kiss-up you can always recommend them to your competition.
  8. Listen! No! I actually mean listen! Not, listen in the beginning of a monologue, but actively listen to your network.

What are your guidelines for social networking? How do you use social networking to connect with customers around the world? How do you create the magic in your business with the coolest thing in social networking?