blog postThis being my 700th blog post I wanted to reflect a little on the power of the blog post itself. So often we talk about blog posts and do not give them their due for what they have done to truly change society and each one of us at some many different levels. In fact, it is with the blog post that we learn how to better our business and provide real quality to our readers.

There are 74 million Worpdress blogs around the world. Every single day roughly 900,000 blog posts (source: are written around the world. With that many people blogging we have to wonder what makes the almighty blog post so powerful.

The Blog Post Power

There are a number of different things that make a Blog Post powerful. Here are some of the top ways that I have seen a blog post change the world we all live in.

First, The Blog Post is an explosive way to build your business. It brings in massive amounts of traffic when done correctly, and will serve as a meeting place for clients to learn more about your business.

Second, this leads to the value to your prospects and clients of each Blog Post that you write. Every well thought out Blog Post

Third, your blog post can add new people to your list. With the right offer you can provide people enough value to help them with their business and also help yours as well. For example, below you will see information for the WordPress conference we are hosting on Saturday. This is a great way to get people involved in something that can actually help them with their business. Plus we have a lot of great experts talking about topics that will make a difference for our audience.

The Blog Post Future

With all great things in life things are always changing. When I first started blogging back in 2010 my first blog posts were all related to the new kid on the block: Twitter. As my blog matured, I started looking at new and interesting topics to focus on. While my primary focus has always been and will continue to be social networking I have also expanded over the years to focus on new topics in internet marketing.

In fact, I have some new segments coming up over the next few weeks that should add to what I have been doing over the past few months with this blog: systematizing the posts, so every week is the continuation of a story. I want to get away a little bit from the past where the posts were in random order.

In that same vein, the blog post has changed dramatically as well. It is now one of the key correspondence pieces in the world. When news hits it is generally through a blog post first. When we want to share crucial information about the world or the latest and greatest Youtube video or Podcast we created it generally gets distributed through our blog as well. This one tool in our arsenal has changed how we approach business.

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Make your next Blog Post your best! Tell Us How the blog post has changed your business?