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Why Use Online Video Ads?

Video is perhaps the most engaging and persuasive media in the world today. The uses of traditional television ads to interact with customers has long been celebrated, but it is the use of video ads on the web that is making huge waves for online marketers.

So what exactly are the benefits of using online video in advertising?

On-Demand Ads

On Demand online video advertising is a great way of reaching huge online audiences whilst associating your video with popular, quality programming. There’s much debate over the efficiency of pre-roll ad placements vs ads situated at intervals during programming that mirror traditional television, but the results are largely the same –  advertisers are enjoying a boost to their a social profiles, website visits and because they can target their ads at appropriate audiences of specific online programming they are receiving far more quality leads and conversions.

Social Media Video Placement

No online video ad placement gives a higher social return than promoting a video post on Facebook, Twitter and on video sharing sites like YouTube and here’s why – users on social media platforms are in a social frame of mind, socially interacting and engaging with other users and content like videos.

These interactions give posts a social recommendation making them more enticing and clickable to other users who see such posts. So whether you’re trying to improve video views, your social reach or ecommerce goals, the social recommendations and interactions your posts will receive from users and their Friends will spread your promoted video posts further afield, creating even more engagement and success.

YouTube TrueView Ads

YouTube’s TrueView offers a great opportunity for paid video advertising because YouTube as a website, is socially orientated. This means that its users may be far more likely to click through to your website or share your video content and in turn generate more traffic and conversions for your site, than perhaps the viewers watching your video through On-Demand television channels.  This gives your YouTube TrueView ads a more organic and gentler advertising feel to them, which will have a truly positive impact on the success of your online video ad,

Banner Ads
Many of you will be familiar with the banner ads that appear alongside webpages and blogs. Traditionally these ads are quite bland and static. However, by using a .gif file you can turn a simple banner ad into a short video or animation or take a different approach by creating a pop-out player to display your video on sites when users hover over your ad.

These ads can provide fast, clickable links to your website and key landing pages to boost traffic levels and encourage quick and simple conversions on your site.

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing takes a similar approach to those Banner Ads, but rather than boost unique visitors it aims to increase the number of previous visitors to ensure they don’t forget about you and make that all important sale in future.

By using video in the same way as you did with your banner ads you can use Google Remarketing to jog their memory and achieve a re-visit or even remind a user to tell a friend, colleague or their social followers to visit your site as well.

Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based corporate video production company.

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  1. Excellent piece, very simple but informative. Would love to hear any thoughts you might have on video creation/ production. Any feedback on our site, would also be very much appreciated Our aim is to democratize video production and make it simple and cost effective for anyone to enter the online video ad space and take advantage of all the benefits you’ve outlined. Well done!

  2. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your feedback! Conversion is always a challenge, but what we’re seeing so far is that people like the “try before you buy” model. E.g. a user can sign up on ViddyAd and produce a professional looking video and even share a preview of this with their colleagues, all for free. In fact they can make multiple videos and endless edits and tweaks before committing to any purchase.
    You’re point about support is absolutely on the money! Our focus is completely on how we can help individuals and businesses enter the video ad space, rather than just the technology alone.
    Blogs like this really help to inform everyone about the exciting future of video advertising, so well done, keep up the good work and thanks!

    – Eamonn

    • Eamon,

      As long as you have a tremendous customer support then you can probably make it work. However, I would have people set up a free consulting session with you, so they can understand the value of what you offer, not just a free trial.


  3. Video adverts have traditionally been restricted to the video stream, playing before, during or after video content. These type of video ads (called in-stream) are useful but they only reach 52% of the target audience. To reach the other 48% it is vital to move video ads into different streams, such as within content and social streams. As advertisers look to extend their reach we expect to see brands thinking outside the box when it comes to distribution.

  4. It comes as no great surprise that advertisers display little respect for online banner ads. Click-through rates are down, and consumers tend to be more engaged by the interactive nature of social media and video ads rather than something static, industry observers say.