The squeeze page is to email marketing what WordPress is to blogging. The center of activity in an exciting mix of entertainment and great content geared at driving quality subscribers to your business. As usual, I have been playing around with my favorite guinea pig. That would be me!

The squeeze page for those of you unaware of the term is used to describe one page websites geared at getting people to sign up for your email list. It is the beginning of your internet marketing sales funnel when you consider that it will be the place that converts readers into subscribers and eventually clients.

Deciding how everything should look through a myriad of different options is very important. For those readers who visit this site regularly I am getting closer everyday to how I want my squeeze page to look and want to share that look with you today.

Please keep in mind that there will be some elements that are in the midst of change. The reason I am sharing this with you now, is that I feel it is sometimes best to share the information not just when I have succeeded, but also when I am in the process of creation. It keeps my thoughts more in line with what you need as you go through similar processes.

Elements Of A Great Squeeze Page

First, I wanted the graphics to be eye-catching! That is why you are probably noticing an outlined blindfolded man throwing a dart. Does that catch your attention? If not, why? Is it on too many other social networking blogs? Please let me know?

social networking training squeeze page pic

Second, I wanted to have an introduction video that is as interesting as the graphic. Which is exactly why I decided that it was high time that I blindfolded myself  to prove a point about what my information can do for clients. While I am not 100% happy with the video as of yet, it is definitely presentable and drives home the point of what I am doing.

It is also another exciting reason to sign up for my list.

Third, I want a call to action. Something that either uses a sign up form like the one at the top of most blog pages or the one that I use on the squeeze page itself. For an example of my squeeze page sign up form go to the link below.

Social Networking Training Series (Click To See Squeeze Page In Action)

Without some way of actually asking people to use your services they more than likely will not. Not out of spite or disdain for your products, but solely because they do not know how to begin. That is why laying a clear path is vital. With the link that I left above I also included a brief instruction to click on the link, so you can actually see what my squeeze page looks like.

Fourth, make sure that there is information at the end of your squeeze page sign up. Having a compelling offer is huge in getting people to actually sign up for your information. One of the changes that I will be making on my video is to make that clearer by letting people understand that this information is to provide extra strategies that you might not get on the blog itself. See: guinea pig always changing to show you a little bit more about how this “social networking thing” works!

The Future Art of the Squeeze Page

In the next few weeks we are going to have a few products to help you create the videos you need to get started with your squeeze page along with the graphics. It might even be discounted (I say with a “wink”, “wink”, “nudge”, nudge” look) for those who sign up for the free social networking training series compelling you to claw your way onto my squeeze page.