Ten years ago today I was brushing my teeth when I heard my dad tell me to get in the room.  I mumbled hold on, but he insisted that my mom and him come in here right now.

I washed my mouth and ran in the room. The first tower had been hit. Three thoughts simultaneously ran through my mind.

flame erupts from south tower seen from some distance away

My first thought was, “How in the world can a structure like that hold an airplane?”  My next thought was, “How will they get the people out of the top floors of the tower.” My third thought was, “Oh! My God those people are actually dying in there.”

Today we see pictures of that day and they do not resonate as strongly. It is not that we are heartless shells of humanity. Instead, we have become immune to the pictures of that day.

In the history of mankind there are days that happen and no one notices and days that everyone notices are happening. In the words of another day, they are days “that live in infamy.”

March 15, 44 BC

 August 24, 410

 October 31, 1517

July 4. 1776

July 14, 1789

December 7, 1941

July 19, 1969

September 11, 2001

These are the days that remind of us of who we can become. They are days that make us remember that while terrible evils exist, it is up to each of us to create a better tomorrow.

More importantly, it is a day to remember.  As a student of history the greatest line I ever heard was “History repeats itself.”

Never in the same way, but the same process. While the events that happened ten years ago will never be forgotten by those who lived it, we must never forget the lesson that every day must be lived to it’s fullest.

So, I first want to give my condolences to those who lost their lives 10 years ago today. Also, to their families may the time you spent with them be the greatest gift they ever gave you.

Second, I want to encourage everyone else who reads this to think about how you can make it count. Through every challenge, find a better solution. For every time of joy, suck it dry to the marrow!