There is no doubt in mind that there is StumbleUpon traffic magic in the world. How do I know such a thing? I have had a lot of success with Stumbleupon traffic lately. This site is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites for driving quality traffic to my blog.

While I am still in the learning phase of my experiments with StumbleUpon (Translate: Expect More In-Depth posts later on), this site with minimal effort has become a goldmine for driving traffic. Plus, it should be even easier with the new StumbleUpon design.

Stumbleupon Traffic Profile

Stumbleupon Traffic Magic

Over a two week period, I had over 2,000 visits to my blog from StumbleUpon alone. For me, this represents about 15% of my traffic over that period of time. Additionally, the people who are on StumbleUpon generally promote my site more, sign up in higher percentages, and have a much lower bounce rate.

Plus, and this is a big plus for me are more local to the United States. I am all for international traffic, but I also understand the beauty of home-court advantage. StumbleUpon has been the great equalizer in my traffic because the vast majority of my clients are here in the US. Which to me is a very big reason in me increasing the US traffic.

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StumbleUpon Traffic Magic Tricks And Tips

So, now the big question that everyone has been dying to learn more about from the start of this article. How in the world do I do it?

1. Remember how important I told you tribes have been in my blogging? These are the people who are most likely to Stumble and Share my posts. Without them, I would not have nearly the amount of traffic as previously mentioned. If you are looking to learn more about TSA or Triberr, please let me know in the comments. I will email you the appropriate links to get started. They are very different groups and I want to help you get started with the one that fits your needs appropriately.

2. Every day I like about 5-10 posts from other people (80% of them in my tribes) and then I share with my followers 2-3 articles that I think are just awesome (Note: Most of these shares are with people who are in my tribes or new followers).

3. I am looking to connect with 1-2 new people every day from my connections or people that I know elsewhere.

That is it! The great StumbleUpon traffic magic is out. If you notice it is very much like other social networks that I belong to in terms of strategy. Connect with a few people every day, share their info, and then have a core group of people to help share yours. Except that StumbleUpon traffic comes in a lot faster than Facebook or Twitter (Working to change that with the Social Traffic Plugin).

StumbleUpon Traffic Magical Next Steps

So, what is next?

1. Either sign up for Stumbleupon or just sign in and make sure that your profile is updated.

2. When you are finished with that feel free to connect with me.

Other than that, I look forward to your Stumbles as we look to build our StumbleUpon traffic together.



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