Have you ever visited a website to check out a property, and when you get there they have one photo of the property and it’s blurry. You’re like, “what type of cruel hell is this?” At that point, why even bother taking a picture? It is time to talk about bad listing photos. I mean the type that screams, “why would I even want to look at your property?”

As an investor, whenever I see a bad photo, I see money bells ringing because whoever’s selling that property didn’t even take the time to get a good photo. If your photos are that bad, then I assume the property is worse. Therefore, I am already visualizing putting in a lower offer because I don’t know what to expect. It really does matter. Sellers need this listing photo to give a great first impression to your potential buyers.

3 Ways to Improve Your Listing Photos

1. Take multiple photos

The first thing is if you’re using your phone and it’s okay, if you’re using your phone, I’m not going to go into a phone versus camera type conversation. However, your phone has the ability to take store a ridiculous number of photos. Use this feature to your advantage. Take multiple photos at different angles.

Also, don’t forget to steady your arm. Remember, the property is not going to move, but if you are moving then it will look blurry. Don’t blame the phone. Take your time and prop up your arms. If you have the ability to get a tripod for your phone, do it. It should look steady and consistent throughout your listing images.

2. make sure your fingers aren’t in front of the darn phone

I can’t tell you how many MLS listings have a realtor or an investor’s finger in the listing. I’m not buying your finger. So move your finger away from the photo. And if you take a photo with your finger, don’t put it in the MLS listing. All I have to say is why!  Why don’t you care enough about your property? I want to charge a $25K reduction in sales price for every thumb in a listing photo.

thumb blocking house

3. Consider having someone else take your photos

If you don’t have the ability to do it, it’s okay to hire somebody. These photos represent who you are. If you don’t have the ability to give people the best image possible then it might be time to find someone who can do this for you. There is no shame in hiring an expert. After all, that is why people hire you to sell their homes.

For example, my brother-in-law is an avid droner. He’s really good at doing drone videos. For some walkthroughs moving forward, it would be great to have him do a drone walkthrough video for my listings.

That would be really cool? I know I could eventually figure this out. I could buy a drone, and I’m sure I could learn over time, how to do it, but I don’t have the skill to do it right now. I might as well have him do it and pay him to do something that he’s taken the time to learn how to do really well. It is never a liability to hire someone more talented than yourself on your team to help you get more done.

Final Thoughts: Invest in your listing photos

I am saving up to buy some camera equipment because I know that if I do this, I want to do it right. That means I need to take the time and money to do that. I might even take some classes to make sure I’m using the camera correctly? As a digital marketing realtor, it is about providing the right visual perception of this. If you are going to do it yourself, take the time to make sure you do it right. I’m not asking you to be the next Ansel Adams. However, you have to make sure that you’re taking quality photos.

If you have any questions about how to get the right image for your property, reach out to me for help. I know how to market your properties. With over a decade of digital marketing and another decade in real estate, I know what sells, and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, I just want to get that darn thumb out of real estate photos.