Every day you tweet your products, then you go on Facebook as you share other people’s information in the hope that you will have a new client. You do this for a month, and then after two months you realize that you have nothing to show for your efforts. So, what do you? You blame it on this new age technology junk that the kids are all hyping called social networking.

The fact is that if I have seen one irrefutable fact in social networking today it is that no matter how good you are, you stand virtually no chance of making a huge dent in social networking without a team of people around you to help you.

One of the reasons why network marketing has become synonymous with social networking in some circles, is because these hardy group of MLM warriors go out and help each other achieve their goals. It is a single minded focus that you do not see enough of from other sectors of the economy.

This is why you have to stop doing this by yourself. It is just not possible to accomplish everything on your own when you have people with entire teams doing the same things as you at a multiplied rate.

Multiply Yourself!

1. I know I have been talking about tribes for a little while, but it simply because the tribes that I joined TSA and Triberr are simply the market segmentation definitionbest things that I have done in 2011 for my blog. Bar none! If you are looking to get into TSA check out this link. For Triberr, check out the new tribe I created The Twitter Relief Society. To join just let me know in the comment sections and I will send you an invite.

2. Do not do everything by yourself. Either hire someone to do some of the work or trade with someone who is interested in your skills. For example, a teenager who wants XYZ is very motivated to help you write short tweets. Leverage people around you to get the most out of your social networking. Then you will not exhaust yourself before you ever achieve anything of significance.

3. Automate! Whether it is email automation or just automating my follows on Twitter my goal is to be removed from as many of the mundane tasks as possible, so I can focus on what is really important to building my business.

With all of these different options available to you I hope you realize that you do not need to do this all by yourself. There are a lot of great tools available to help you achieve your goals.