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How can see through your clients moccasins what they really, really want from your products & services? Sometimes in business we get a little overwhelmed and forget that it all comes down to looking at our product or services through the eyes of others people’s moccasins. Without doing this, we can not possibly understand how they will appreciate the services you offer.

3 Ways To Step Into Your Client’s Moccasins

people's moccasinsFirst, you have to understand where someone is coming from. Every one has their own point of view. It could be the bane of your entire existence, but those who think it have a right to as long as it does not hurt your well-being. Even if there is something you think is unnecessary or simply ridiculous learn why your client or partner has that belief. Remember, if the roles were reversed you would like the same courtesy extended to you. In the end, you may find someone’s strange belief system is the exact reason why they become your best client.

Second, ask lots of great questions.  Questions are the greatest tool devised by internet marketers, because it gives us the knowledge to understand what others value. When we know what they believe is important we can help them achieve their goals and ours as well. My coach, James Budd of VisionFire Coaching (who incidentally gave me the idea for using the word moccasins) always talks about the power of questions to help you have crystal clarity in your conversations with your clients. The Who, what, when, how, where, and why’s of the world will do more for you than all the blanket statements and fancy words of oration ever could.

Third, can you both accomplish your goals? Part of stepping into other people’s moccasins is by knowing whether you are a good fit for someone. While this might not be the advice you always want to hear, I think it goes without saying that most of us have people we can work with and people who just irritate the living *%&#$ out of us. Maybe in these cases it would be better for both parties if you went your own way amicably early, rather than enduring a long, tortuous ordeal for both sides.

I say this from experience. If you think there is no way in hell you can work with that person, you will soon have a very intimate definition of what hell is after working with that person. Partners must be trusted, clients must be likeable, and vendors must be respected. Otherwise, you will run into scenarios that are way to distracting to fathom.

How Have You Been Able To See The World In Other People’s Moccasins

How can you see the world in your clients eyes? Well, that takes time. But if you use the methods above then you will be able to walk in your client’s moccasins like very few of your competitors every could.