This is the Static FBML tutorial that you have always wanted. From how to do the basic set up through your Facebook page to adding a unique and interesting FBML page for non-techies. So, let’s get this Static FBML Tutorial started like it has never been started before.

The best way to start is at the beginning. The Static FBML tutorial describes what an FBML page is, and how it can help your Fan Page. For those who have never heard of this before, an FBML Page is a custom page on your Facebook fan page that uses a web development program similar to html. Having an FBML page, is like having a squeeze page directly on Facebook, where you can sign up new subscribers, provide information about your brand, and engage subscribers to come back.

Before we start showing you how to set up an FBML page, I recommend opening a new tab on your browser, so you can set up a page at the same time. Also, this post also assumes that you already have a Facebook page set up. If you do not have a Facebook page set up already, then please go to Facebook and follow the instructions on the site for a new fan page.

Static FBML Tutorial Basics

First, you need to know how tfacebook edit pageo find the FBML tab, so you can create your customized page. So, go to your fan page on Facebook. Once you are on any of your public pages, you will see an Edit page on the right side of the page (Note: You must be an admin to see this). This is the page that allows you to connect with the back end of your page.


fb page

Second, you need to go the admin side of your Facebook fan page. As a general guide this is where you can control different aspects of your Fan page. The full discussion of this actually leads me to the belief that this should be a future blog topic. For now, go to the apps tab, which is located halfway down the list.


Next,  scroll all the way to the bottom until you see the FBML application (shown below).  Click “Go to App”, and you will then be led to the FBML app page on Facebook, where you can click go to app again to start using this application.

FBML tab application

static fbml tutorialStatic FBML Tutorial Marketing

Now, you go back to the apps menu and click “Go to App” again, where you will see a page similar to the one to the right. This is where you can really start to get creative. First, there is a Box title available for you to put in a title for the page. Second, the FBML box works similar to HTML, so you can put in all types of code from links to email sign up forms and more.

For example, Starbucks does a really cool thing where they have one tab where you can begin purchasing a gift card, another tab for locating different Starbucks around the world, and another for prospective employees. While you do not have to be as sophisticated as their page, it definitely pays to make sure that your page fits your audience.Below are some of the ideas that I have used in the past for my Fan Page (Note: I am also affiliated with these companies as well).

One thing that I first started doing when I found out about FBML pages was to put an email sign up form from Aweber. They have a number of really cool web forms that almost work as a full page by themself. Check out my Smart At The Start page for an example. The page is made from the code Aweber provides for their forms. This is a great, quick way to get started for those on a budget, looking to build their subscriber base.Plus, I have signed up a lot of people on these pages as well, so do not think that you have to go high end here to get sign ups. Be effective first with your content first.

Another option, for those without coding skills is to use Lujure. Lujure provides you with drag and drop boxes that allow you to include pictures, twitter and RSS streams, web forms, and more. For an example, take a look at the Fan Page for this blog. I have almost as many email subscribers from my Facebook page as I do from my blog.

The final option is that you can do set up an awesome FBML page by either doing the html code for your fan page by yourself or hire it out for an exclusive design and feel. That way, you can have complete control over how it is designed.

Static FBML Tutorial Conclusion

A static FBML page can be a powerful marketing tool for your business, because of all the different ways that you can mold it to fit with your business, and attract additional attention. The fact that this is available on Facebook, so you can have over 500 million users ready to see your page just makes it that much better. Before you get started, review other pages in your industry to get a feel for what works, and what does not. Then pour through this Static FBML Tutorial a few times to help you understand the in’s and out’s of a custom Facebook fan page.