I think that newbies to social networking need to learn how to sort out the mumbo jumbo. So this post is dedicated to eradicating the social networking mumbo jumbo that you hear and turning it into something useful.

In order to do that we need to demystify the myths over the social networking mumbo jumbo hotline (Please note that there is no real mumbo jumbo hotline!)! This is a compliment to yesterday’s Social Networking Optimization where we discussed how to optimize your social networking for ultimate effect.

Social Networking Mumbo Jumbo Myth 1

You need a Facebook Personal and Fan Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Foursquare, Digg, Delicious, and Stumbleupon account to just be taken seriously in social networking. Hmm! Let me think! WRONG!

The fact is that you need to use the social networks that help your business. If you feel you need all of these accounts by all means go ahead. I have helped numerous clients add themselves to these social networks. At the same point choose the social networks that are right for you.

For example, financial professionals can probably avoid Twitter, definitely need LinkedIn, and might want to consider Facebook and Youtube. At the same time I have a Foursquare account for my business, but that is just for effect. The good news is that I am mayor. The funny part is that it is my personal residence and no one except family members ever come by.I am also the mayor of the “Curb in front of Rod Blagojevich’s house” as well!

Social Networking Mumbo Jumbo Myth 2

You built it, why have they not arrived yet gosh darn it! Instead of wasting my breath on something that I have covered in depth before check out Social Networking Consistency or You Have To Be Stubborn Enough To Never Quit!

Long story short, you build it and they will come only works in the movies! The reality is that you build it, market it, and then they come! Ohh!

I just hit 6500 hits per month on this blog. That did not happen overnight or without a smidgeon of work.

Social Networking Mumbo Jumbo Myth #3

“But I have great customer service!” If that is what makes you stand out, in social networking it is time to reinvent yourself. Let’s face it with around 1.1 billion accounts on the different social networks you need to have something that makes you memorable.

Otherwise, you blend into the crowd. When I was starting out in this business people started calling me a guru or expert. I could not stand either of these two names for myself. So, I rebranded myself into the social networking schmoozer, because it embodied everything that made sense in what I was doing. Social networking is about communicating and that is what a schmoozer does best!

Heretofore, I ban all business people from saying that there customer service makes them stand out. That should be assumed. Not in your highlight reel!

Social Networking Mumbo Jumbo Conclusion

Speaking of highlight reel, this post sort of has the feel of a highlight reel with all of the old blog posts included. Sorry, they just fit into the story. In the meantime, remove the social networking mumbo jumbo myths out of your social networking to up the ante on your social networking business referrals.