We have had some awesome topics over the last few weeks with the Internet Marketing Night Cap.  I thought today would be a great chance to review these episodes and also discover how you can learn more from our Monday night weekly radio show.

First, how do you actually watch the show? The answer is simple. Right now the show is on every Monday from 5:30 to 6 PM. While that slot might be moved a little bit over the next few weeks it will stay pretty consistent.

Second, what happens if you miss a show? That is exactly why every show is turned into a podcast. All you need to do is check out the video instructions below.

Internet Marketing Night Cap Directions

Internet Marketing Night Cap Past Episodes

However, if you want a recap of past episodes as well, check out these past episodes to get a taste for the skills and ideas you can discover with this show.

March 5th Episode (Guest- Bill Crosby): Bill is a master at social networking automation. He reviewed how to use software and how to make the bots seem almost human. To learn more about Bill check out his Social Traffic Plugin(Affiliate Link).

Show Link: March 5th with Bill Crosby

February 27th Episode (Guest- Judie Knoerle): Judy is pure awesomeness. She has a way of presenting herself that just makes you feel like when you are talking to her you are slouching on the couch eating chips. Even better, she shows people how to communicate online with that same grace and style. To learn more about Judy check out Red Cup Presentations.

Show Link: February 27th with Judie Knoerle

February 20th Episode (Guest-Josh Alexander): Josh is a master at automating WordPress. He is also great at creating multiple WordPress sites very, very, very quickly. To learn more about Josh check out my recent blog post on Multiple WordPress Sites.

Show Link: February 20th with Joshua Alexander

February 13th Episode (Guest-Sotiris Bassakaropolis): He can create money producing automated sites faster than you can say his name. Sotiris is the awesome Irishman that just amazes me with some of the ideas he comes up with. Check out his bookmaking site: LatestBookmarks.com

Show Link: February 13th with Sotiris Bassakaropolis

February 6th Episode (Guest-Lisa M. Blacker): Lisa is terrific at integrating your offline and online marketing together. From TV, Radio, and print to internet marketing she can help you with a combined strategy that puts everything in place nicely. Learn more about her at ConnectionVictory.com

Show Link: February 6th with Lisa M. Blacker

Let me know what topics you want to learn more about with upcoming episodes of the Internet Marketing Night Cap. And please! Please! Enjoy the current episodes of the Internet Marketing Night Cap.

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