One of the biggest changes in internet marketing today is the rise of solopreneur marketing.  Solopreneur marketing is the art of making yourself seem like a well-established company from a grand staff of one. Oh, solo! Like Han Solo. Or like a one-person marketing machine.

Solopreneur marketing is the art of creating buzz and clients needed to build a dynamic business.  The bigger question is how does a solopreneur marketer craft such an empire with all of the challenges solopreneur’s face.  First, we need to define the challenge. Then we can solve it.  Below are three challenges solopreneurs face in becoming a one-person marketing wrecking crew bent upon world domination along with two solutions for each challenge. While there might be other challenges, I stuck with three that a lot of different solopreneurs have in their day to day business.

How do I know? Well, I am not only the founder of solopreneur marketing disasters but also it leading member of complete debacles in solopreneur marketing along with mythical phoenix-like recovery skills in marketing.

Solopreneur Marketing 3 Biggest Challenges

Solopreneur Marketing Challenge #1

You wonder to yourself softly as you fall asleep at night with a whimper, “Oh, How? Oh, how shall I ever create relevant content on mysolopreneur marketing blogs, facebook, twitter, fill in the blank network? What the heck do I have to say that is interesting?”


1. Sit down and write 100 topics related to your business in one brainstorming session. It does not matter how crazy the idea is just to write it down. Keep in mind what your audience wants to know about your business can be just the thing to attract their attention. Some of my craziest ideas have become my best blog posts to date (Check Disqus versus Intense Debate versus Recaptcha versus WordPress Comment System Die! Die! Die). Put your personality into your writing. In real life, I tell bad jokes as well. While my writing is far from perfect, it got better when I injected my own unique sense of humor into the conversation.

2. Just because you are solo does not mean you have to do everything by yourself. In a bit of grandiose self-promotion, I do blog and write social content for other businesses. Ahem! Ahem! (Smart At The Start)

Solopreneur Marketing Challenge #2

It suddenly dawns on you one day out of the blue. You have been using this Facebook “thing” for 5 months with no success. Have you ever analyzed what worked? Have you ever created a marketing plan to know what works?


1.  Create a marketing plan and then track the plan. Check out these posts for principles to base your strategy upon (Global Business Strategies or 5 Simple Secrets To Social Media Success).  Then when you start acting on your plan, start tracking what you do. From tracking visits to your blog and website (Google Analytics) to Facebook Page Insights to Aweber(Affiliate Link) for tracking your email marketing efforts and conversions. Tracking is everything because it tells you what works.

2. Research what others have done in your field or in other fields that you can swipe. When I needed to create a menu of social media options I copied McDonald’s happy meal system. When you go to Smart At The Start you will see everything on the home page arranged in boxes. That was because my vision for the site always included having them simple to pick and choose at random what services you need. Would you like some fries with that blog writing piece?

Entrepreneur Marketing Challenge #3

How in the world are you supposed to do all of this by yourself? It is almost like running a second business?


1. Part of the reason why you created the plan was to help you reduce the amount of time spent on social networking. When you know what you need to do on social networking sites you can do it faster. Josh Alexander and I often say that social networking is 30 minutes of business and 6 hours of playing around to see what works. When you stick to what works you can cut the fat tremendously.

2. Get help! I know throughout this solopreneur marketing campaign we have talked about being a one-person marketing crew. The reality is that if you can spend your time on your business then have someone else do this, so you can focus on what you like to do.  My joy is to play around with systems online. Is that what you enjoy as well? If not, consider how you can offload some of the work through automation and delegation.  There are too many tools to begin discussing in this post. Actually this sounds like the beginning of another post on automation.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the challenges are facing your business, determine which challenge is the most pressing for your needs. Start fixing it. Then when you have that challenge conquered go on to the next challenge. There is no need to create more overwhelm and do everything at once. If you need help with your solopreneur marketing efforts then stop being a force of one. Get the help you need by starting off with a free, 30-minute consultation with me at