While the video below may not make it to the Cannes Festival, I felt it was a great example of how people should act when using social media for their business. I was at the Bon Jovi concert tonight at Soldier Field and while there I was observing how Jon Bon Jovi interacted with the crowd.

The amazing thing was that he did many things that would help most businesses obtain additional revenue through online marketing.

First, he kept encouraging the crowd to sing his songs. Instead of taking the viewpoint that this is my song and I need to shine he almost embraced the moments when his fans shouted at the top of their lungs the lines that have made him a music legend.

Second, he continuously looked for ways to thank those around him, especially Richie Sambora his right hand man. From providing Sambora with solos and bringing Kid Rock (the opening act) in on one of the songs it was all about everyone else and how much they had made his life better. The gratitude he demonstrated was remarkable.

Third, while he is in the entertainment industry and their goal is to make sure the crowd is involved, it is always a challenge to engage with 70,000 people at one time. He completed a nice balancing act as he performed throughout the concert.

In the end, it just reminded me of how we should all use social networking to grow our business. I commend Bon Jovi for the way they interacted with the crowd and especially Jon Bon Jovi for his amazing leadership at the concert tonight.