I have been chomping at the bit for about a week now to tell you about a new social networking traffic plugin. This plugin is huge for wordpress bloggers looking for additional social networking traffic, because it can automatically increase traffic to your blog through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with limited effort from you.

Social Traffic Plugin

When we talk about plugins that make your life easier this one is definitely becoming one of my favorites. In fact, just yesterday I had 4 sign ups to my squeeze page from this plugin out of only a dozen clicks. There is a lot of potential here, as I am just getting started. That is exactly why i want to share this with you, so you can join me in the traffic fun.

This to me is making up for my near tragic loss of Tweet Old Post, the plugin that stopped working about two months ago along with 75% of my Twitter traffic.

Additionally, as long as you follow the instructions that Bill Crosby and Gabe Strom discuss you will be able to set this up quickly. Note: Make sure to go along with the video they created for connecting this plugin to Twitter. I missed one step and could not figure it out for a day why the plugin was not working. Who says that instructions are useful.

The biggest chore that you will have after it is set up is to write the initial tweets for your all of your blog posts. Right now, I am training my team to go through all of my blog posts for the main ideas of each post, so they can be tweeted out repeatedly. We will then put all the tweets into my plugin as I demonstrate in the video below. If you need some additional help with getting the tweets into your posts let me know in the comment section below.

The only other thing that you should make sure is that you have enough followers to see your message. Other than that, it can definitely pack a punch when used correctly.

Social Traffic Plugin Video

I am sure that I will have more information to share with about this plugin as I dive into the inner workings. For now, you can learn more about this plugin at:

Social Traffic Plugin

One final note, I am affiliated with this product. However, I would not have discussed this with you if I had not found it to be so darn useful! Let me know what you think of the social traffic plugin for your social networking traffic to your blog.