It Is Social Search! Ta Da!

As you might be surprised to hear from the title, I thought it would be good to delve into social search. Now, I have discussed this a little in the past with Google Plus and how it affects search engine optimization. Note: Google Plus was shuttered in 2017. Today I thought we could dive in headfirst into an empty pool to learn about how we can use social search safely and effectively for your internet marketing needs.

That being said, how do we actually get social search traffic?

Social Search Traffic Secrets…Shhh!!

  1. Google+ is important in our discussion because Google will definitely be wanting their new baby to have a big part in the social search revolution. That means making sure that you have a Google +1 button on your site is important. Which reminds me, I would not be opposed if you +1 this blog post. Just saying! Note: Obviously this point is null and void. 
  2. Find a few other social networks that you use regularly to start getting additional social proof from the site. So, for example: While I do get some traffic from Facebook and LinkedIn, the majority of social traffic comes from Stumbleupon and Twitter.  That means that I am more concerned with getting Stumbles and Tweets than Facebook likes. Not to say that I do not want any of the aforementioned items. Having a few social networks showing your information is proof that your information is relevant. In other words quality over quantity. Sorry for my long-winded elegance of prose.
  3. Make your site more interesting to comment on, because Google wants to see the interaction.  Obviously, make the content interesting. If you might notice, I sometimes use humor. Occasionally!
  4. Additionally, I also make sure that my commentators are rewarded with a do-follow link which helps them with their search traffic.
  5. Now, here is the part where I tell you it is easy when you stop working by yourself. Another way to generate more interest in your content is by joining tribes. I have been a member of tribes for the decade. Sites like Triberr helped me get started with growing my blog by having others show my content.

Final Thoughts

Now, with the power not vested in me, go out there and do social search proud. Make sure that you are getting people to engage with you through social networking and by having comments on your blog. Then combine that with the power of search you get the full effects of social search.