SocialOomph is a great tool for managing your social networking efforts. There are two different versions. The free version allows you to manage your Twitter account by allowing you to schedule your Tweets in advance and also automatically follow people who follow you. The paid version of SocialOomph does this and also allows you to automate your Facebook posts, Blog posts, a few other social networking sites, and has a host of other features to help you automate your social networking, so you do not have to do all of the work manually.

Quick Disclosure. I am affiliated with SocialOomph, but for anyone who has ever been on my Facebook and Twitter account know I use their services religiously and have been using it for the past year. The video below explains the basics of how to use Social Oomph.

There are a tremendous number of features that you can use to help boost your business. I have found that the more I use this service the more benefits I get out of it. It really has helped me automate my Twitter accounts in many instances. Take a look below to see if Social Oomph is right for you.

Boost Your Productivity With Social Oomph!