Social networking sites appear to be everywhere today. I guess when you tell your friends, and then they tell their friends, and so on then everyone wins. Oh, that is what social networking is all about!

On a more serious note, social networking sites are a tremendous way of communication that are changing how we live and work with each other. Facebook, Twitter, and Friendster did not invent communication, nor were they the beginning of social networking. Instead, they took what the way we speak to each other and transformed these forms of communications into a whole new process for keeping people connected.

The social network that has been created over the past ten to fifteen years has been one that is not about new technologies. Instead, social networking is a fundamental return to basic communication. As humans mastered technology after technology we were able to connect through the post, telephones, and the internet. The power of each new technology was that we learned new methods of talking to each other.

Social Networking is not the big, bad technology that is sometimes portrayed by those fearful of entering this new medium. Those who believe that social networking sites are good for telling people what you had for breakfast and when you will go to sleep completely miss how powerful it is to be connected with the entire world. Now, you can go halfway around the world and still be as close as a skype conversation or facebook chat.

That is why social networking sites are helping to redefine how business communicate with each other. How have social networking sites redefined your life and how you communicate with your family, friends, and associates?