Social Networking Relationships are nothing new. In fact, since the beginning of time we have strived for social networking relationships. We wanted to be part of the family, tribe, or clan that our lives revolved around. The different today is that we have the ability to create social networking relationships with people irrespective of geography or other former communication bonds that used to exist.

Now the question is not what a social networking relationship is. The question becomes how we build these relationships more effectively.

We start with creating new valuable relationships. One of the first things that I tell my clients when they are looking to build their business online is to find those that are already motivated to talk to you.

For example, when I was in the mortgage business what I did to find a supportive place to find additional business I looked to connect with real estate professionals. Because of those early connections with real estate agents and investors I was able to feel more at home using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to build my business.

Once, I felt comfortable on these networks I started spreading out to other media, such as video, photos, and then article writing in order to create engaging information for my target audience. The information is designed to engage my social network and take the relationship to the next level.

After that I like to use my blog to tie everything together. I still write articles, but more importantly I have combined my videos with articles and social networking to create a complete package of social networking relationships as I continue a dialogue with my network using all of the communication tools at my disposal.

Social Networking Relationships deal with connecting with people online and building those relationships through the new communication tools at our disposal.