As we enter a new year, let’s review how well your social networking strategy is working with a short social networking quiz to gauge your participation in social networking. Answer the questions for the social networking quiz below to determine what you need to improve upon for 2011. All questions in this 15 question social networking quiz are Yes or No answers.

Social Networking Quiz

  1. Do you have a social networking strategy?
  2. Do you have a Facebook fan page?
  3. Are you using Linkedin?
  4. Do you have a company Twitter account?
  5. What about a Youtube account?
  6. Do you bookmark your articles, photos, podcasts, and videos for additional exposure?
  7. Does your company have a blog that it posts information, news, and events to regularly?
  8. Have you been using social networking for your business longer than a year?
  9. Do you engage with your social network for at least 15 minutes a day?
  10. Are you connecting with people through social networking that you met at events?
  11. Do you comment on other people’s posts, updates, questions, and tweets?
  12. Do you look to build relationships on social networking sites?
  13. Do you track your ROI from social networking?
  14. Does your social networking strategy mesh with the rest of your marketing strategy?
  15. Do you plan on increasing your social networking in 2011?

Social Networking Quiz Results

13 + Social Networking Schmoozer

9-12 Social Networking Rock star

6-8 Social Networking User

5 and below Time to make some changes.

We are always curious to see how people use social networking. Let us know how you scored on the social networking quiz below.