Social Networking Power Yeah! Yesterday, I felt like the world was crashing in on my head, as I was running a high fever, and unable to move all day. I had a conference call that ended at 9:30, went to sleep, and then woke up around 6 pm feeling horrible. My fever broke early this morning, and I just got on my computer for the first time in 24 hours. Here is why I am calling this social networking power.

My stats on google analytics, emails, and other spots were all running normally. Even though I missed a day, my business still moved on. Like an unstoppable machine, social networking power is about the power of social networking to work for you, when you are too weak to work.

Now, I am not saying that my business would continue indefinitely without me at the wheel, but it is cool to know that business will still continue to flow in even when I miss a work day or two. It makes life a little bit easier, when you do not have to worry about being there every day of the week to get business.

Sometimes, it is the small things in life that bring so much job and happiness. Having a business run by itself is one of those things. In the end, it means more freedom and time to do the things that really matter most to you. That is true power!

For right now, I am enjoying my social networking power, and will continue to look for new ways to have this power grow.