Every week at the Social Networking Schmoozer we like to do a social networking power profiles of someone remarkable in social networking. We are looking for businesses who are in completely different fields who found out how to make social networking work for them. This week through the power of social networking a business, Tail Wags Helmet Covers, who has been able to use Facebook, Twitter, and  Blogging to help children and adults stay safe and look stylish.

Name of principal(s): Karyn Climans

Company: Tail Wags Helmet Covers Inc.

Industry: Design and Manufacturing

Marketing: All social media sites: Facebook, Twitter & blog site. Plus the media regularly profiles my product line because my product promotes helmet safety.

Time In Business: 5 years

Website: www.tail-wags.com

Twitter Id: @tailwagshelmet

Brief Bio (no more than 300 characters): Karyn Climans is the entrepreneurial spirit behind Tail Wags Helmet Covers, a company devoted to encouraging more children and adults to wear their safety helmets. Karyn suffered a serious ski accident but fortunately was wearing her ski helmet. The helmet saved her life! One goal of her company is to help prevent unnecessary injuries and it is her passion for safety awareness along with her imaginative flair that are the key ingredients for Tail Wags’ success.

When did you start using social networking? In early 2010.

How did you get started learning about social networking platforms? Through business colleagues and friends.

Did you attend in-person events, classes, or webinars to learn more? Attended a blog conference as well as one-on-one training sessions with my social media consultant. I’ve also participated in various webinars and I regularly browse various information sites for additional information.

What is your favorite social networking site for business? Why? UNmarketing.com. The author stresses the importance of building a relationship with customers NOT just traditional marketing techniques.

How do you use social networking for your business? To increase awareness of my product line. My customer profile is largely women between 25 & 40 years of age. I participate in a number of mommy blog networks to tap in to this market. I also frequently guest blog on various sites: topics include helmet safety, mompreneurship,  and raising special needs kids. I also offer special discount for my Facebook fans i.e. 10% off all online Tail Wags orders. I also have product giveaways when I reach certain goals re: # of fans.

How has it changed your business? In the first month after setting up my Facebook page, I saw a 200% increase in hits to my web site.

What was your biggest mistake in social networking? Daily contact with customers and readers on your Blog, Facebook & Twitter is necessary to increase your readership and maintain the interest of your followers. During the busy Xmas season, I neglected my blog site etc for several weeks and, thereby, lost several of my readers.

What would you tell people starting out in social networking to focus on? Focus on building a rapport with your followers. Don’t start by pitching your product because people will get annoyed if they think your site is simply an advertising venue.

Do you have a specific strategy that you use to be more effective when using social networking? Remember who your customer is and address topics that will interest them. i.e. All moms care about their child’s safety!

As well, always ask your customers questions related to your blog topic so that it invites comments and makes your reader feel more connected with you. And please don’t forget to reply to each of their comments with a personal reply.

What direction do you see social networking going in the future? My goal is to reach 1,000 followers on my facebook site this Spring. Ditto for Twitter.

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