I am bringing back for a week the social networking power profiles that I used to do every week. There was someone that I felt that I need to include in here. Not, so much just for the social networking, but for everything else that he does. That is my coach James Budd.

James and I have been working with each other for 16 months now. He is one of the smartest guys that I know and I am honored that I get to talk with someone of his caliber on a regular basis.

His business coaching clients and campaigns have appeared on Oprah, Fast company, MTV etc. and have worked with everyone from Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton, to the Virgin Galactic Launch of Spaceship II…as well as helping entrepreneurs like me grow my empire!

People are always talking about coaches and how they can be a valuable asset to your business. In the next few paragraphs I want to do my best to give you a sense of how he has helped my business.

First, James has been a business owner for over 20 years. He knows what I am going through. Not only because he has been there himself, but he has also helped hundreds of other clients with their challenges as well. His toolbox of different ways to help your business from his Pocket of Peace exercises to the voices in the council is always allowing me to overcome my own limitations to do better.

Second, he is brilliant with copy. As an internet marketer I am always writing, which means that I need someone to bounce an idea off of with my work. His storehouse of knowledge is amazing as he gives me a few strategy tips here or there that make huge differences. For example, after I had finished 28 Cent Articles he gently went through and showed me some small changes that created huge results. My challenge is getting inside my customers mind. This is something that I have found is easier to do with his help.

Third, he is there for me. When I did an interview on WGN earlier this year (Check out the pic above), James went above and beyond and actually met me at the studio to help calm my nerves before the interview. He also helped me prepare for the interview when the person who was initially going to work with me dropped out of sight. I was able to clearly and convincingly go on the air, because of the help he gave me that was so far beyond what he actually needed to do.

I could give you examples like this for days about how awesome he has been in helping me grow my business, but I would rather you just get a chance to talk to the man himself. My recommendation is that you go onto his website Visionfire Coaching and learn more about him. Also check out his site for a free session via phone available where in the world. It is well worth the time and money invested working with James.

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