This is your social networking power profiles of the week. Every week we take a look at one person who is using social networking successfully in their business. This week I thought our social networking power profiles would take a look at Harvey Stelman, co-author of Eyes of Emerald. For a little disclosure, you might notice my name pop up. That is because he co-authored Eyes of Emerald with me. It was a book that took us nine years to create, and having Harvey share his profile with you will help you understand how we have used social networking to improve the sales of our book.

Name of principal(s): Harvey Stelman

Industry: Writer

Time In Business: 9 years


Twitter Id: YehudaMann

Brief Bio (no more than 300 characters) I attended Oklahoma University, and have been married for 33 years. I retired as president of The Metal Company, Inc., a scrap metal trading corporation, after being stricken with Multiple Sclerosis. I have been living with MS for the past 29 years, and turned to writing to express myself in his new life.

That is why I wrote Eyes of Emerald with Andy Nathan. It is based on a story my deceased father told me about a cousin of ours in NYC in the 1930’s. The story is quite unique in the fact that the main character Esther, has a life very different from one then everyone expects of her.

When did you start using social networking? I started going on Hubpages about a year and a half ago to get my writing out to a larger audience. At the same time, Andy and I started using Twitter to get the word out about our upcoming book.

How did you get started learning about social networking platforms? Since I have MS, I have relied on using the computer to connect with friends and family. Through the years I heard about different social networks through different friends.

Did you attend in-person events, classes, or webinars to learn more? No

What is your favorite social networking site for business? Why? Hubpages, because I have developed great personal and professional relationships on this site.

How do you use social networking for your business? I look to connect with people to tell them about Eyes of Emerald.

How has it changed your business? Eyes of Emerald would not be a success today if it had not been for social networking. We have now sold the book in over 17 countries in just two months of sales. Additionally, the connections with the media have garnered numerous radio and newspaper interviews.

What was your biggest mistake in social networking? Using a social network that did not fit our target market. I do not want to name the network, but it was an affiliate social network, and everyone said they would buy our book and most did not unfortunately. It really taught me about making sure that we have the right target market in mind for our book.

What would you tell people starting out in social networking to focus on? Just look to make quality connections. The number of followers is great, but the number of people who follow you and then buy your book is even better.

Do you have a specific strategy that you use to be more effective when using social networking? The biggest strategy is just keeping in touch with the people that are interested in the Eyes of Emerald.

What direction do you see social networking going in the future? Not sure

I hope you enjoyed your social networking power profiles of the week. If you know someone who would be interested in doing a social networking power profiles please let us know. We are constantly looking for new profiles to display. Simply put a comment below about who you believe should be listed in the Social Networking Power Profiles list and we will follow up with you shortly.