Your social networking power profiles of the week is a sweet one. This week we have the candyman joining us to give you the sweet tooth you always wanted.

Social Networking Power Profiles

Name of principal(s): David Levine

Company: Illinois Nut & Candy

Industry: Confections – Corporate Gifitng

Time In Business: Since 1983 new ownership Since Sept 2004


Twitter Id: IllinoisNut

Brief Bio Raising the Candy Bar is the latest addition to Illinois Nut & Candy Home of Fantasia Confections. For over a quarter of a century Illinois Nut & Candy formerly Illinois Nut Outlet has been doing just that raising the bar. Since September 2004 Melissa and David’s goal has been to constantly raise the candy bar by not only being the largest Kosher candy store in the Midwest but by trying to be the largest niche candy store as well. We offer Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Sugar Free, Organic, Vegan Friendly – all under Kosher supervision.

When did you start using social networking? Three years ago this summer.

How did you start learning about social networking platforms? In-person event, classes, webinars, on the job experience? In person event / on the job experience.

What is your favorite social networking site for business? Why? My blog – the links back to the site help my websites google ranking.

Do you have a specific strategy that you use to be more effective when using social networking? My blog has been the most effective way to tell specific stories about what is new and happening in the store.  Facebook is also an effective tool for releasing new products.

How has it changed your business? Given Illinois Nut the ability to feature our latest creations and our new product lines in an inexpensive way to reach the 400 plus people who follow us.

What was your biggest mistake in social networking? When we first started we hired a college student to tweet and blog for us.  I was not approving her posts and gave her free reign. She posted an inappropriate tweet that caused a backlash. As a result I needed to personally send out emails and make phone calls to do damage control. The lesson learned was that people were reading our post and that I needed to have an active roll in what was being posted.

What would you tell people starting out in social networking to focus on today? Don’t try to learn how to do it yourself. Hire an expert to teach you it will save a lot of time on the learning curve.

What direction do you see social networking going in the future? Not sure. Keep developing the blog, as well as facebooking and tweeting.   Will wait to see what the next developing trend / social network is and work on ridding that wave.

I hope you now have dreams of carmel and chocolate swirling through your head. If you are interested in us doing a social networking power profiles please tweet me @andynathan.