Social Networking Power Profiles is a weekly case study of a business that is using social networking to help grow their business. I believe that the best way to learn more about social networking, is to study those who have successfully used it in the past, so every Thursday look for new social networking power profiles. Social Networking Profile Questionnaire

Name Bryan McDonaldof principal(s): Bryan McDonald 

Company: The Maddox Group 

Industry: Financial Services – Asset Protection – Income Planning Marketing

Time In Business: 7 years

Website: www.TheBryanMcDonald.Info

Twitter Id: @mcdonaldbryan

Brief Bio (no more than 300 characters) Originally I am from Reading PA, a suburb of Philadelphia and moved to Chicago in 2001 after Graduating from Penn State University. I have a passion for helping people reach maximum fulfillment in their lives thus I get very involved in the community and my church. I am the head of the Stewardship Commission at St Thomas The Apostle Church and in 2010, I started a networking group called Greater Naperville Networking to help people in the community to connect and grow personally and professionally. I used social media, specifically LinkedIn to grow the grow and as of December 2010 there are over 2100 members and growing quickly In 2009 I married my best friend and we continue to have fun together on a daily basis Since 2003, I have been in financial services helping people with unique cash flow concepts so they can optimize assets. Our team also helps bulletproof finances so no matter what the economy throws at us, people get freedom from worrying. They no longer have to worry about having enough to live comfortably in retirement, paying for their kids college or protecting what they have worked hard by sacrificing a good life today.

When did you start using social networking? I started using social media in 2007 when I joined sites like myspace and LinkedIn

How did you get started learning about social networking platforms? I got invitations form other people to join them on things like myspace, facebook and LinkedIn. After that I started watching Youtube videos on how to use them until I got comfortable.

Did you attend in-person events, classes, or webinars to learn more? Always! You never know when you can learn something that you didn’t already know. I have learned so many “little things” that make a big difference”

What is your favorite social networking site for business? Why? LinkedIn, hands down because it is where all the business people go. The other social platforms are great too but when it is business I am focusing on, that’s where I go. This is the sole reason why I used LinkedIn to build a business professional networking group.

How do you use social networking for your business? Being in financial services, people have to be able to trust you and know who you are. So, I use SM to become “transparent” to who I am and what I do. This is a great way to build relationships that are ling lasting as well as build a solid foundation of trust. Marketing to get in front of someone just isn’t enough these days. You must use things that allow people to get to know you as well

How has it changed your business?It has exploded it. I think that explains it all

What was your biggest mistake in social networking? Waiting too long to realize it was a serious and legit tool

What would you tell people starting out in social networking to focus on? Make sure you have the ability to take your online relationships offline so they become more “real”. There are a lot of people in cyberspace and getting to know them in person is what solidifies your ability to do more business.

Do you have a specific strategy that you use to be more effective when using social networking? Time management. Everyone gets overwhelmed with all the things needed to manage in SM. As long as you set aside time to focus on it and not erratically approach it every day, you will get success out of it.

What direction do you see social networking going in the future? It is the future

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