I wanted to do this old school today, so lets focus on the basics of social networking optimization. A lot has been changing over the past few months in social networking. A new contender has arose to steal the crown from Facebook, Skype is now part of the Microsoft family, and Twitter and Facebook were at the forefront of revolutions across Northern Africa and the Middle East.

With all this swirling around us, I wanted to focus on social networking optimization and how it can help you improve your business.

What is Social Networking Optimization?

Social networking optimization is the process of making sure that your social network sites are optimized so you can create effective relationships with your social network that can turn into profitable relationships. In vernacular, social networking optimization is how you turn relationships created or built through social networking into clients.

5 Steps Towards Social Networking Optimization

  1. Go through your connections to determine which relationships to keep and which to drop. For example, since I maxed out on Facebook last year I have been very limited on who I could add to my network. I recently just went through my Facebook connections to remove those that I have not really talked with since we connected. The reality is that I have made as many, or probably even more connections who do not talk to me as do. What is the point of having a friend if they are just wasting space? I would rather have fewer people who are looking to interact with me.
  2. That means that I need to reach out to my connections as well. You can do that through the obvious methods of tweets, updates, posts, but also do not forget other means. You can always individually email them, Facebook message, LinkedIn Inmail, @mention your connections. Also, do not forget other medium. Skype conversations are huge, as I can also see Google hangout becoming a key part of the new social network with their multiple video chat option.
  3. Have something interesting to say. I might some times be a little “too” creative in my posts. However, I am rarely boring.
  4. Focus on others as well! I always know when my social media shares, etc are down. It is because I have not been on the ball with sharing other people’s information. The more proactive I am in sharing other people’s info the more people are willing to spread the word on my information. We will all have peaks and valleys with this, but over time you will see what I mean by the more you give others on social networking the more you receive.
  5. Make things engaging. For example! Take this poll to rate how optimized your social networking really is based on the 5 points above. Each topic is one point. Any comments you have on the poll put in the comment area.Ooh! Another way to demonstrate engagement.

[polldaddy poll=5443801]

There you go! Social Networking Optimization at work! What do you need to work more on with your social networking optimization?