Social Networking On Your Terms is starting to get some great back and forth between the members. I wanted to highlight a few questions and answers from the site to give you an idea of some of the topics we are discussing.

Q. Question about blogs. My impression is that the posts should be helpful and not blatantly try to sell your services. Comments?

A. Philosophies on this subject vary greatly. The answer that is right for you is the one that accurately reflects your BRAND. Is your desired outcome to be perceived at helpful, a provider of a necessary service which your customer cannot live without, or would you prefer to be seen as the advertiser who pushes her product onto anyone who will read the ad. This is how you will be perceived if you have not yet demonstrated to your prospective customers that you care about them enough to offer free or very low cost information that will solve some of their problems. It is okay and even important to offer an upsell: ”Now that I have solved this little problem for you, let me offer you an ethical bribe: If you subscribe to my e-mail newsletter, You’ll receive a coupon code good for $100 off XYZ package!”

Q. I have a question on the term branding. How is it best defined and how does it relate to social networking strategies?

A. That’s a can of worms! Branding is basically how consumers, prospects, and clients view your business. For example, I am the Social Networking Schmoozer. People instantly think that I am great at connecting and building relationships on social networking sites with this branding name. Social networking helps you build your brand by getting your message out across different social networks. A video on Youtube and a Podcast on Itunes can provide information to your clients and establish you as an expert in ”Bodytalk”. Your brand is now expanded online through these channels.

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