Not for the first time, or probably the last will we bring together the awesome power of Triberr and StumbleUpon… together. Again! Rah! (Script in the crowd goes wild!)

Oh, hi! You might remember the Social Networking Minute from such famous blogs as AndyNathan.Net or… Well, today we discuss how to use Triberr with the StumbleUpon toolbar on Firefox. You might want to set up a Triberr account and download the Stumbleupon toolbar before the video starts. Or you can watch the video once before doing all of this, then walk through it again with me as I go through how to use everything.

Then again because you want to hear the sound of my voice. Yep! That would surely be the reason for anyone to listen to this three times. No other reason. Do not forget to like and share this video with your friends all three times you watch the video.

Please note that no alcohol or illegal substances were used in the making of this blog post.

Social Networking Minute: Triberr and StumbleUpon Tutorial


As I mentioned before, you need the Stumbleupon Toolbar for Firefox. This is easy to set up. Click on this link to get the free download from the Firefox Add-On Site.

You can also join Triberr at:

Check out the previous post that I did with fellow Triberr mate Saul Fleischman last year on Triberr and StumbleUpon.

The power of Stumbleupon and Triberr individually to drive traffic is immense. However, combined and you have some type of super heroic traffic source! Mr Increditraffic…name pending.


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This now concludes the social networking minute on Triberr and Stumbleupon, please do not forget to read my other 850 blog posts on social media…or just stumble this post. Whichever is easier.