Found some really cool software from Sparkol VideoScribe for this week’s social networking minute. This stuff just blows my mind, except I still have my mind, despite people’s best intentions.

However, even more important is that we now have the chance to make incredible movies with VideoScribe. This software blows my mind. The possibilities for sales pages, blog posts, and other video content is tremendous.

Social Networking Minute: Sparkol VideoScribe

My thinking is that this tool is going to be a very popular one, just because of the cool features they have on the site. Their ability to transform everyday images into engaging hand-drawn

Now that you have seen some of the cool toys this puppy has, take a test spin and tell me what you think of this software. Click on the link below (Note: partner link) to access Sparkol VideoScribe. The 7 day free trial is plenty of time to play with this cool new toy. Well, it is a serious marketing tool, but still fun to play.  The best part is when you buy it, you do not have to share it and play well with others.

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Let me know what your thoughts are on VideoScribe by Sparkol? If you create any cool VideoScribe videos, share it in the comment section below, so we can all see the cool work you did.