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We have another awesome episode of the Social Networking Minute this week as we discuss Social Marker. Social Marker is a social networking syndication site that is great for additional exposure to your blog. When I was first getting started I was able to double my traffic per day with tools like Social Marker and Onlywire.

The video below is a brief overview of how to use this site for additional exposure to your site via numerous social networks and bookmark sites.

Social Networking Minute: Social Marker

Now, I have brief, impromptu pop quiz for you today. I know, who would have thought when you woke up today you would be tested on the information you see before you.

1. Have you heard of Social Marker before?

2. Have you used Social Marker before?

3. How successful were you in using this site?

Let me know your answers to these questions about social marker below in the comments.