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For this week’s social networking minute we will be discussing re-purposing content with Slideshare. Slideshare is the social network for slideshow presentations. A number of people use Slideshare for their LinkedIn presentations, but the site itself is a great source of traffic and information dissemination.

Taking a webinar presentation that I did last year on Facebook Fan Pages, I will upload it to Slideshare in one minute. Please note, that I did edit the slideshow before to be current. Total time, including editing and the Slideshare upload was 5 minutes. However, the upside is that I now have another piece of information out there with 5 minutes worth of work building traffic for my blog. Also this has a sales pitch at the end, so it has the potential bringing in clients as well.

Social Networking Minute SlideShare

Social Networking Minute SlideShare Analysis

Once you have one finished slideshow uploading future slides to Slideshare is extremely easy. Definitely spend a few minutes the first time using the process, but once you get the hang of it this is something that you can do with ease.

This has been your social networking minute of power and prestige with Slideshare.