One of the most under-utilized weapons in an online marketers arsenal are Slideshare presentations. These quick and easy cousins of Youtube videos and blog posts often get neglected between all the different content marketing strategies people use on a regular basis.

However, with the plethora of different slideshare presentations most business professionals have created in their career, this tool is an ideal way of generating traffic and buzz about your services, knowledge, and brand. Plus, it could be an awesome lead generator for you as well. Bonus!

Social Networking Minute: Slideshare Presentation

As you can see Slideshare presentations have the power to communicate your message just as strongly as you would through other social media channels with a lot less competition than posting content on sites like Youtube and Facebook.

To get an idea of a sample presentation check out the slideshare presentation I created earlier this week below.

Slideshare Presentation

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This concludes our social networking minute on Slideshare presentations.