For this week social networking minute we will be discussing Skype Groups. It is rare that I will keep going back to one topic as much as I have with Skype groups, but they are just so powerful (Check out Tuesday’s Guru Gushers: Skype Mafia Mastermind). Plus, they are changing my business model completely.

Today’s Social Networking Minute dives into how the different Skype Groups work to help your business. Skype groups are all about the chat features and file sharing. It takes  social networking down to it’s basics: relationship building and gets rid of all the distracting features that all the other social networks have. There are no circles, character limits, or limits on connections like you have on other networks.  It is pure relationship building and networking at it’s finest. Plus, if you decide there are a few people that you want to talk with you can always set up a group call on the spot to connect with people.

The power of Skype is that it has the feel of a phonebook where you can contact people all over the world for free and the dynamics of a forum on speed with the ability to chat with people continuously. As an added bonus you factor in the 800 million people already on the network and you have the makings of something extremely powerful. This is why I have been discussing Skype groups so much over the past week and will continue to discuss over the next coming weeks.