For this week’s social networking minute, I wanted to explore how to use email marketing lists from Aweber lists to create tighter lists of people categorized more effectively.

In the video below you will see how to use Aweber lists more effectively. The key is to make sure that I had segmented lists of targeted prospects.

Social Networking Minute: Aweber Lists

Segmenting your list will help you tremendously down the line to learn who is interested in what products you have to offer.  My biggest mistake has been in social networking was not creating a list earlier and then also not segmenting that list. Something I have been making amends of lately.

For those who are interested in using email marketing lists to grow your business through Aweber check out the affiliate link below. Yes, it is affiliate you have been duly warned. Tell the SEC most blogs do not run on cookies and milk as well when you speak to them.

I hope you enjoyed this foray into email marketing lists with the social networking minute. If you have quick draw social networking topics that we could use for the social networking minute, please let me know in the comment section below. We can even have you do the recording yourself on this blog. Open to ideas.
See you with the next social networking minute next Friday.